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Aele Kabira

By on Thursday 5th September, 2013

Aele Kabira means big family in Arabic as in we are one big family so chant with me

Aele Kabira, Aele Kabira, Aele Kabira, Aele Kabira…

Today I was afraid for the first time in my life
To go through border control
Back into England
Where I mostly grew up
I wasn’t afraid like my friend Zubaid who might get questioned
How long he’s lived in the country he grew up in
Not afraid I would not get through like so many before me
I was afraid I would get through and of what I might find on the other side

Aele kabira…

I was not afraid like my friend Rizz who feels unsafe
On the streets of the city he grew up in
But I was afraid that while I would trust him with my life
Others would rather entrust him with a ribcage knife

Aele kabira…

I was afraid of coming home with my safe white skin
And finding myself thrust on one side of a war
Building both on the streets and on people’s minds

Aele kabira…

Of being forced to indulge in the very act we’re condemning
I will never condone the killing
A horrible mistake
Not least for the flames of racism in its wake
But I do know one thing
The first mistake was to invade Iraq
The first mistake was to dare to attack
To presume we should interfere or worse to pretend
So the oil tycoons could slither in for their own ends

Aele Kabira…

So wait, hold up, don’t get caught up in too much hate
There must be a way to transform our fate
Even small things like talk to someone on a bus
Don’t get caught up in all this bullshit fuss
Of “I say God of Science, you say Mohammad”
See, we see others’ words as orthodox but never our own
While we’ve still got a lizard bloodline on our throne
We forget how christian our culture is
Hell ultra-capitalism is protestant jizz
The cunningest trick is to stop using names
Like ‘God’ and use ‘Nike’ instead in these games

Aele kabira…

So to my white allies especially I personally ask you this
Not another call to march on whitehall raised fists
But talk to a muslim brother or sister on the train
Hello’s a place to start you needn’t feel no shame
Ain’t saying ‘twill be easy as the tensions are high
Buts it’s for all to make the effort if a conscious shift is nigh
And it’s amazing what can be said with a smile
A starting point before rowing the long nile
Find some common ground to chat about, it ain’t so hard to do
Hell, we all eat and drink and walk and talk and sing ain’t it true?

Aele Kabira…

Make people feel supported
Make people feel safe
Don’t let them suffer alone
Surrounded by walls of hate
Don’t mean to patronise
But these are dire times we’re through
That’s all I ask of me
So its all I ask of you

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