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All About Luck (Cat’s first song)

By on Sunday 9th February, 2014

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I’ve heard that genius
Can dig a deep grave
I’ve heard that modesty
Waxes and wanes
I’ve heard that heaven
Ain’t so different from earth
Oh so many damning things have I heard

So never expect what your gonna get
There are two sides to every bet
Never you think about what you’ll become
It’s out of your hands it only happens to some

So I say sorry
Don’t mean to put you down
If you force a smile
It’s sure to become a frown
I’m just trying to say
That give up
The world ain’t about talent
It’s all about luck!

I’ve seen that living
Is just a board game
I’ve seen that laughter
Is only used to shame
I’ve seen that excellence
Well its just not up to snuff
So many things I’ve seen that’s so messed up

So never expect…

So the moral of the story
Is that the sinner always wins
So rearrange your cards
Cuz its the Joker that sings
(cheat cheat cheat cheat cheat)

So never expect…

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