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Alpaca Ring

By on Saturday 19th May, 2012

The other day went riding on me old bicycle
To cymru we’re headed, to cymru going still
And when we found a fair field to camp for the night
Our tents we erected to miss the morning chill
My father said before we part here son bear this ring
A token of my love, in manhood may you sing
But I in my youth and scorn did laugh back at him:
“How can I bear your name on this simple piece of tin!?”

Well I do not care for Silver and Gold
But my Alpaca ring, I ne’er shoulda sold
The twinkle of diamonds is easy forgot
But my Alpaca ring I ne’er shoulda lost

For breakfast roadkill rabbit me and steph we did skin,
We rose a funeral pyre, paid homage to his kin,
But as we readied leaving and were stowing our things,
Twas their that I did tread in dirt,
My father’s loving ring
Well some call it ‘coincidence’ and others say ‘fate’
But a demon bought a bargain at the cost of my namessake,
It came on me deserving from the earth’s hidden laws,
I’s forced to eatmy serving and recognise the cause


Well father I beg your pardon dear for many a deed
From hiding my ventures for fear you would not heed
The saddest truth of learning’s is youth’s arr’gance and greed
Can only be dispelled by wilting ones good seed
If ever I have children in the next life or so
Could happen tomorrow, these things you never know
I’ve then to grant an heirloom that my daughter will throw,
Deep in the river, tis then she’ll learn I hope
Till then I’ll have the silent spectre o’ karma on my back,
Like death be my advisor and guide me on my track
But most of all my father’s in my heart where I go,
His story I will tell, I’ll be the ring of show

I do not care for silver and gold,
But my father’s blessing I’ll carry till I’m old
The twinkle of diamonds is easy forgot
But the memory of me old man I vow will ne’er be lost

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