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An Ankh An Anshu

By on Tuesday 10th September, 2013

I didn’t know you like I wanted to know you
I didn’t make the time to learn to care
I don’t remember your laugh on a summers day
I couldn’t be your soul brother – I never dared

And yet the moment I shared time and space with you
Two teeny molecules in a minescule moment
I knew I was coming into contact
With an epic vessel of cosmic atonement
With an ancestral relic impossibly intact

As I unweave make-believe memories of a path unexplored by your side
I imagine skirting the shores of an immense ocean of mind
Unmined for precious minerals such as conformity or compromise
Untamed by peverting shackles or societies sickening ties

Caped crusader, distaste invader
Mind reader, one-love breeder
Seminal symbologist imparting ancient runes
Through funks and grooves and loony tunes
The crooner of the universal conscious shift
Ever a force for awareness uplift
Now temporarily a force set adrift
Drift drift drift drift….

Drifting shifting particles of power
Preparing for the proximate empowerment shower
Into another form of life and death, different species different span
Intergalactic transdimensional do the can-can

I know I won’t come into contact again
With the you that was so briefly on this plane
But that’s because your spirit is too important
To waste time left behind just doing the same

Yet the key thing that you did show me
A rung on the hamster wheel of becoming whole
Is – when chancing upon a diamond
In the bottomless pit of coal
Life’s too short to not
Delve down into a
Gold soul rabbit hole

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