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Anarcho Queer Feminist

By on Sunday 17th February, 2013

I believe that every individual must be free
For community to self-regulate
And I believe we lose all responsibility
The moment we depend upon a state

Cuz I’m an Anarchist, Yes I’m an Anarchist
I’m an Anarchist, That is me
Cuz I’m an Anarchist, Oh I’m an Anarchist
That’s another way to say that I am free

I believe the body parts you’re born with
Have no bearing on physical strength or brains
And I think patriarchal competition is to blame
For so many of society’s chains

Cuz I’m an Anarcho-Feminist

I believe theres no such thing as gay or straight or bi
Just lots of shades of grey in between
And I believe these rivers change course in ones lifetime
So I refuse to fix on what I feel

Cuz I’m an Anarcho-Queer Feminist…

What’s more…
I believe the colour of your skin or origin
Should have no relation to your rights
And I would like to warn the EDL and BNP
And Islamophobes that I’m up for the fight!

Cuz I’m an Anarcho-Queer Anti-Racist Feminist…

It goes on…
With all these liberations that I’ve mentioned
Cannot be won by voting or organic shops
I believe in direct action, shut down corporations
And for god’s sake don’t get caught by the cops

Cuz I’m an Anarcho-Queer Anti-Racist Black-Block Feminist…

On top of that…
I believe if we don’t change our lifestyles really soon
We’ll be drowning when the water levels rise
And since the city is the heart of the capitalist machine
We must move to the forests to survive

Cuz I’m am Anarcho-Queer Anti-Racist Black-Block Eco-Feminist…

I believe that if we cannot laugh and dance and sing
It’s not my revolution
And I believe we cease to be emancipitory
The moment we refuse to have fun

Cuz I’m an Anarcho-Queer Anti-Racist Black-Block Eco-Feminist Clown

…Yes I’m an Anarcho-Queer Anti-Racist Black-Block Eco-Feminist Clown
But I’m also really lazy…
So fuck all of these words:
I am free!

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