Wolf and the Owl
Poetry, Lyrics, Translations
and Musings by Alex Etchart


By on Thursday 14th March, 2013

She appears in my darkest hour
Though I am numb, cocooned from my pain
Her warm gentle light
Melts my fortress
Pours in
Envelops me
Fills me
Calms me
Cleanses me
Embraces every corner of my being
The deepest murkiest caverns of old
And tickles them fearlessly into lakes of laughter

She waits patiently, with a bowl for my head
Catching the tears before she drinks them away
She rubs the moisture onto her chest
Dispelling all guilt and shame contained therein
She shall not shy nor shirk from the monsters screaming out of my bowels
A true knight she does not draw her sword but spreads her smile
Caress and nurtures the abandoned child within till it’s fierce fangs subside
Gives it a thumb to suck on
Then whispers songs of sleep
Douses me with blankets
And best of all once the initial fears subside and dreams do lull
She leaves me to face my nightmares
Knowing I must ultimately learn to sleep alone…

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