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Clown Inside

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

touch my skin
let me in
feel the space within

scare me out
break us down
fear and doubt
we’re all clowns

through the laugh
words are passed
motions slow and fast

bodies merge
lines are lost
minds converge
thaw the frost

through the cracks
the clowns attack
ridiculing every single
norm and fact
thats sacred, the hated
the twisted and the damned
get naked to satirise
the so-called laws of the land
its a parody of principle
on authority invincible
explored exposed and exorcised
to objectify the extent to which
they’ve taken away our rights
which starts in the very bed
you love make in at night
sexuality normality
enjoyment and taboo
you don’t love who you want to love
in case they’re watching you
its banned amongst the many
but exclusive to the few
those wondering in hiding
as the truth says “pickaboo”
the time has come at last
to break the number 2

touch my skin…

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i.e. distribute and modify freely for free
so long as you make no money and
maintain this philosophy

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