Wolf and the Owl
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and Musings by Alex Etchart

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Have You Seen Them Nanas?

By on Wednesday 10th September, 2014

Dedicated to the Frack Free Lancashire nanas and all their comrades defending the land in Lancashire from Fracking poisoning the water table! Na na na na na naaa Na na na na na Na na na na na naaa Na

Tree is Me

By on Monday 18th February, 2013

You                                                                        are                                                                Tree Tree                            is                                                                                        Leaf Leaf                                                is                                                Light Light        is                                                                    Sun Sun                                      is                    Fire Fire                    is                      Spirit You    are    Tree Tree   is   Root Root  is  Earth Earth is Plant Plant  is  food Food   is   Flesh You    are    Tree Leaf      and      Spirit Root        and        Flesh You              are          Tree I                     am            You You                        are            Me!

Elegy to Another Average Oak

By on Thursday 10th January, 2013

Twas an Oak. It wasn’t grand, nor ancient. Tall, but not wide. Pretty, but roadside. Climbable, the occasional snap. Yet it housed us proud. Precariously perhaps. A queer party, two of flesh and blood Cradled by one of bark and

City Me

By on Wednesday 12th December, 2012

It’s like The City knows I’m leaving, He’s trying to squeeze the last vestiges Of energy from me before I go. For He is a he, With his tall spires and violent screens, He penetrates into all I do, All

The Wilderness

By on Saturday 19th May, 2012

As all our trees are cut down Roads kill the ground As people move to gray blocks They forget the sound Of wild creatures, leaves, birds Rains, winds and gails The dying woodland’s left to Dreams and fairytales But in

Secret Village

By on Saturday 19th May, 2012

Surreal little shangrila in a distant suburban ghetto Sacred triangle between train tracks, tarmac and sewage flow Hear cars, planes, trains’ constant hum driving by All going somewhere not knowing why? But in this refugee reality on a bright sunny