Wolf and the Owl
Poetry, Lyrics, Translations
and Musings by Alex Etchart

Viewing: Falastin

Soldier Scratching His Bum

By on Friday 14th September, 2012

Theres strange things in the world to see Everywhere you look From factories to coral reefs From songs to holy books Theres mothers cuddling children Theres villas and theres slums But nothing makes me sadder than A soldier with a


By on Friday 14th September, 2012

I found the dome of the rock. They tried to stop me with toy guns and imaginary lines, But I found it anyway. 100 metres from the ancient Al Akhsa mosque, In all its untouchable splendour and beauty – I

Grave Holes

By on Friday 14th September, 2012

Stale death in the cemetery air Freshly dug grave holes awaiting no one in particular No ceremony about this place Its a pitstop between worlds Old and new, fair and fucked Why sweep the floor and clear away the shit


By on Friday 14th September, 2012

In an alcove held fast by dreaming genie lamps and unwearable bracelets that have long lost their gleam lies an ancient relic. He’s the wise old man from a fairy tale you never thought could be real. He has a

Where it all Began

By on Friday 14th September, 2012

So this is the place it all began, so they say Ancient olive trees and a golden valley But the advertising billboard gives it away As a cheap pseudo-spiritual packaged holiday Everyone wants to control history Veil it in their

Philosophical Doubt

By on Friday 14th September, 2012

Water, life, trees, Human constructs teeming out of valleys, Market corridoors, people running on all fours Between veils of spices, jewels in arched doors, Every colour, smell and sensation known to man Is emerging out of crevices and on the

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

By on Tuesday 4th September, 2012

 After 6 months training across Europe to give voice to people living in conflict, occupation and exile, Teatro di Nascosto – Hidden Theatre goes to the Ashtar Youth Theatre Festival in Ramallah, Palestine. After 10 days of workshops, over 50

Perfect Plastic Soldier

By on Thursday 16th August, 2012

He’s the perfect plastic paramilitary, A model soldier chiseled by god, A kevlar halo rests on his crown, And his jawline is fierce like a dog, He comes in many colours, From white to yemeni black, And if fed the