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Simmering Shimmering

By on Saturday 4th October, 2014

Listen… …do you hear it? Its the sound of simmering rage, The upset stomach of the communal consciousness, There’s a simmering anger, Primal fury building in pressure Hiddenly forbiddenly ferally festering With the occasional burst! …in the form of a

Smash, Grab n Run

By on Sunday 16th February, 2014

Hear the recording with Siobhan Knox on Soundcloud. That summer was the summer of fire and cheap ebay TVs The summer of fear and anger against police brutality The summer of misspent rage and fragmented communities The summer of misunderstanding and

War Glitter

By on Sunday 16th February, 2014

Find the recording with Siobhan Knox song on Soundcloud You wonder why I look so sparkly You wonder why I look so fine Well when I’m smashing in your Topshop window I wanna be glittered to the nines They call

The Poetics of Macdonalds

By on Tuesday 28th January, 2014

After excusing herself to shout in Hindi at her colleagues making breakfast, the worker turned back to say “no way, once my 10 hours is up, you think I stay one minute longer they don’t pay, for MacDonalds!?” and laughed.

Occupy Wins

By on Friday 13th September, 2013

Everyone made a name for themselves in the revolution got a hashtag, a website, a radio show they branded salvation with the latest photoshop logo and then ran brand new companies by ethics 2.0 I became a full time poet

I Won’t

By on Wednesday 11th September, 2013

I can’t do it I won’t do it I won’t pretend on a smile Whilst our partying is built On bombing the middle east I can’t just relax for a while If the strobe lights are made in China And

Aele Kabira

By on Thursday 5th September, 2013

Aele Kabira means big family in Arabic as in we are one big family so chant with me Aele Kabira, Aele Kabira, Aele Kabira, Aele Kabira… Today I was afraid for the first time in my life To go through border

The Totalitarian Takeover

By on Friday 7th September, 2012

The Totalitarian Takeover will be far less conspicuous than previously advertised. No dystopian post-robotic-slavery future, There’ll still be oak trees on the boulevards no one dares to cross out of fear. No one-world-government superfactory draining humans as battery cells, There’ll

Spirit of Resistance

By on Saturday 19th May, 2012

As the paving slab is cracked By the lone defiant weed So in our conviction of Resistance must we be On a forgotten window in the Soulless skyscraper ghettos we must Trace a word of silent freedom In the gathering

Repeat After Me

By on Saturday 19th May, 2012

Go to work, don’t skip school Follow fashion, act cool Drive a car, watch TV Obey the law and spend money Raise your children just the same Give them all the same name And above all repeat after me (two,

Health and Safety

By on Wednesday 23rd November, 2011

Dont touch me mate Its not good for my health And certainly not for your safety And stop invading my personal space, I think i might suffocate Get down from that ladder I dont wanna have to pay compensation Avoid


By on Wednesday 23rd November, 2011

You tell me when’s the last time we cut out of recession? How do you treat a failing heart by doing a dissection? The thoughts in our heads will dry up don’t you know, If you kill imagination by cutting

Lost Generation

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

Hear a performance on Soundcloud Verse 1 Get a job they say Well I got one but it don’t pay Tried to get qualified Found out that the whole thing was a lie Don’t know what to believe Too many

They Came Down the Hill

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

Dedicated to all those who fought at Dale Farm and those who continue fighting in the Travellers’ Solidarity Network Hear a live recording with vocal impro on Soundcloud   Old bride said to me We’ve been there before For centuries

Ill Eagle

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

When I got out of guantanamo bay Had no possessions and no land to my name All of my family had long gone away And how could I blame them they just couldn’t stay Murder and torture Legitemized by the


By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

To the music of a dulab in hijaz maqam   When I was a babe I thought I could save People from themselves Go out to the ghetto and help Indiana jones was etched in My veins aa a child

Under Development

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

Find a live performance on SOAS Radio on Soundcloud What on earth does the ‘third world’ mean? Is it the way they walk or how they drink their tea? Is it the way they talk of ideology? Or did you