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Composed Upon Westminister Bridge, September 3rd 2011

By on Saturday 19th May, 2012

A deliberate defilement of the original poem by Wordsworth they taught us in school. Found myself up a lamppost on Westminister bridge on acid staring out at the river on Saturday morning, September the 3rd 2011, when some guy in a passing van shouted “Go on, jump!”. Moved by the man’s morbid anti-humanist humour, when I saw Wordsworth’s poem for the first time in years on a plaque I couldn’t just let the it remain a shameless glorification of the capital of historic and contemporary oppression. Looking at Big Ben I freestyled right there and then “What pools of blood wrought this crude totem pole, It reveres ancient gods but has no soul” and it eventually evolved into this…

Earth has no totem to cruelty more vile
Blind are we to forget they suffer still
What centuries of blood were spilled to build
This tumor swarming with leeches and flies
Feeding off money, worker’s blood and bile
Banks, prisons, guns, fact’ries, and temples kill
In far off lands and just over the hill
Disguised with plastic precision of style

Ne’er were ideas tamed so intricately
Across wires, the waves, papers and through speech
Corruption corrodes so effortlessly
We’ve never been so scared to share, to teach
No god left to enshrine morality
We become bare breeding grounds for the leech

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