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Curse on Time

By on Saturday 19th May, 2012

Curse you, time
I used to believe I could ride you with youthful grace,
Let those things destined cross paths and fall into place,
Now you’re just an obstacle in a frantic rat race,
Abandoning me weary without a trophies trace.

How can we hope to climb mountain cliffs
As well as understand the complexities of relationships
In one lifetime? Or deathtime as it has come to feel
As fate ticks away, smelting iron to seal these
Narrow subterranean corridoors caving in
Deliberately as we desperately claw from the dim
For light
Quelling all determination to fight
For its far easier to sit here rotting in the gloom
Of this not quite cold enough to kill me damp room…

If I seek glory arrogance will kill me surely
If I lust after love it’ll never present itself purely
So must I slow down to the monastic life
Give away all I’ve worked for in hunger and strife
For it’ll be taken from me regardless by powers out of sight
All I could divine of this mortal masquerade
Is lost in tricks of the light

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