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Elegy to Another Average Oak

By on Thursday 10th January, 2013

Twas an Oak.

It wasn’t grand, nor ancient.
Tall, but not wide.
Pretty, but roadside.
Climbable, the occasional snap.
Yet it housed us proud.
Precariously perhaps.
A queer party, two of flesh and blood
Cradled by one of bark and sap.

In those last few hours
It protected us.
Kept us dry, if cold.
As Wind whispered
Through its knobbly branches
Into our intermittent dreams
Illusions of ignorant bliss.

For well it knew its time had come.
So its last loving act
Was to let us nap
Spare us from the pain
Thinking we’d saved it
For maybe one more day
Till the hired men ripped us down
And chainsawed it away.

Here it is: http://combehavendefenders.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/dramatic-pics-from-yesterdays-8-jan-high-altitude-tree-evictions/

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