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By on Saturday 23rd February, 2013

I did something awesome and terrible today
Somewhat selfish, somewhat selfless
Hopefully somewhere in between
I committed love suicide
Strangled my ego
Then floated through my shackles
like a newborn ghost angel

I pretty much forced him to kiss her in front of me
So I could witness what they feel for each other
And feeeeel through what it does to me
And that way learn to welcome these things
And ultimately set my body free of jealousy
But it weren’t no hollywood b-movie
Drunken nightmare smashed wine bottle at their throats
It was a holy testament to love
In its purest most blazing form of acceptance
On a dingy london squatted hipster club curb

As their faces approached so comfortably
And their hairs entwined so naturally
And their mouths caressed so tenderly

My body surged through a roller-coaster of
Infinitesimal ephemeral emotions
In one endless moment

It felt like this:

First “mama, dada”
Then “mine”
Then “I WANT IT”
Then “NO!”
Then “mmnnmm”
Then “but why!?”
Then “but why her?”
Then “but why him?”
Then “but why not me?”
Then “why me? always me…”
Then “eeeeughrrrgarvazhlaw”
Then “huh huh huh huh huh”
Then “why does ‘me’ matter?”
Then “what about love and beauty?”

Then, only then,
I began to look beyond my eyes
And start to truly see
Then “Wow”

As he leant up to her on his hobbit toes and nuzzled her nose
Then “He’s happy”
Then “She’s happy”
Then “Wooow!”
Then “hihihihihihihihihi”
Then “That makes me happy”
Then “That’s incredible…”
Then “If I can do this… anyone can”
Then “The universe can be happy”
Then “Anything’s possible”

Then for one minuscule moment I brushed up against infinity

As I came back down we all hugged and listened to each other
And giggled and joked and cycled off on our adventures
Many more mountains sure to be overcome
With a little more love in our hearts and hope in our wings
For humanity and its potential to transcend its sufferings

By Catarina

By Catarina

Blog owner, singing/strumming person, word speaker, community arts make-happen-er, eco-baby.


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