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Grave Holes

By on Friday 14th September, 2012

Stale death in the cemetery air
Freshly dug grave holes awaiting no one in particular
No ceremony about this place
Its a pitstop between worlds
Old and new, fair and fucked
Why sweep the floor and clear away the shit
If the ground itself will just be taken from us

No I wont go on your guided tour
Take an HD photo of the pretty pity ghetto
I wont walk where I wouldnt walk if was a local myself.

Poverty is emergent, not contrived
To be put under a spyglass of the privileged and scrutinised
In fact to come here as a volunteer is already a lie
Since breathing the very air fuels the occupation

Every penny of foreign aid that comes to these shores
Buys infrastructure to aleviate the suffering of the poor
And if machinery to clean the streets and sanitise
Cannot be bought from Urdan or Libnan
Then it comes straight from the thighs of the beast
The PA’s 80% reliance on aid
Is the Israeli’s feast

So tell me what motivation they have
To end the humanitarian crisis
Governments no longer sanction them
The Zionist Lobby is by far the scariest
So if the stick is gone all we’re left with is the carrot
To incentivise “treat them nicely and we’ll throw you another treat”
But every child blown to brain slushie
Is another striking image for the daytime telly
To incense another fundraising poverty-washing appeal
Fund another NGO to sit on their asses and steal
Siphoning peoples pennies buy-off-conscience once a month
Which trickle into the coffers of the IDF supply with a thump
As they blow another village when the timing is right

So tell me, who’s a diggin them grave holes?
Is it the glorifyers of martyrdom driven to desperate extremes
Is it the corporate shareholder dipping his finger in the middle east
Is it the army trained to train their gun on target without hesitation
Is it the politician man obsessed with the tactical bridge of nation
Or is it the armchair kinda care buy-off-my-conscience toll
So tell me, who be a-diggin them grave holes?

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