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Guts (for Cat)

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

Hey lil’ sister
You’ve grown up so fast
I never dreamed I’d be talkin’ to you ’bout things
Like th’invasion of Iraq
Nor that you’d discover the wonders of
Sleeping bags
When it’s raining it’s pouring your mother is snoring
And your dyin’ for a fag
Said I still remember
When you were crawling on that grass
Or those days when I’d trip you over
Cuz I’d had a bad day in school class
But those days are over, I guess that
A ga-ga and a goo-goo were never born to last
So I’ll away come the summer, but I promise
I’ll never stray too far…

No brother no go be n’around no more
Sometimes a man jus’ gotta escape
But I’ll be back by your side before long
Can’t promise when or when, just believe me when I say
You just keep on goin’ on, doin’ your thing
Every now and then sing this song,
Ain’t got the guts to say goodbye

Hey baby girl
You know the walls are thin
So you best be a-throwin’ them parties
When the lights are a-gettin’ dim
‘n’ Look after your mother for me
She don’t a-know what she doin’
She’s so in lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove
That she can’t tell a right from sin
And soon-to-be stepdad soon-to-be movin’ in
So you light a fire under his a a ass
Girl I know that you’re good at one thing
Oh an I know that you’re good at that thing, oh no-oh

Your brother’s simply got to go away
Sometimes a man just gotta gotta escape
But I’ll be back by your side someday
Can’t promise where or when, but believe me when I say
You just keep it up, do your best,
Time will fly and we all know the rest
Ain’t got no guts to say goodbye


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