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I Won’t

By on Wednesday 11th September, 2013

I can’t do it
I won’t do it
I won’t pretend on a smile
Whilst our partying is built
On bombing the middle east
I can’t just relax for a while

If the strobe lights are made in China
And the drugs from Colombias blood-stained soil
I cannot simply make most of the mood
When it’s paid for by wars over oil

It’s a state of national trauma
We’re collectively in denial
That all of our habits, lifestyles and ways
Have been inevitably put on trial

They want to keep us happy
They need to keep us from truth
‘Cause if we were embrace the universal plight
Our anger would blow through the roof

But it’s no longer anger at one wizard
An evil man pulling the strings
It’s anger at how we’ve become so complacent
We’re flying on borrowed wings

Some will soar above mountain tops
Most will crash and will burn
So we must wake up to our icarus race
Face the demand to move forward and learn

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