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Ill Eagle

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

When I got out of guantanamo bay
Had no possessions and no land to my name
All of my family had long gone away
And how could I blame them they just couldn’t stay

Murder and torture
Legitemized by the American State
Detention with no reason
Is now legalised by US and UK

Then they go bombing our friends in Iraq
With false justification no cause for attack
They mow down civilians its a well known fact
Then they condemn so-called terrorists for tryina fight back

Am I the only one who smell the i-i-rony
That we empowered Mubarak and Gen’ral Gaddafe
And now we play this high ground game of democracy
Its all the same semantics for the corparatocracies

Genocide on any side
The slave politicians oil companies decide
Dictators are normalised
So long as they adhere to economical ties

Don’t get my wrong
A disclaimer here
If you care to listen
Lend an enlightened ear

My beef is not with the American people
For hidin underneath their moral church and their steeple
But who are you policeman to confiscate my reefer
When the laws that you uphold are hypocritical preacher

Death to the highest bidder
Civil war become a stock market exchange
We’ll turn on our brothers
Till we transcend propaganda tell ya nothing will change


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