Wolf and the Owl
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By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

To the music of a dulab in hijaz maqam


When I was a babe
I thought I could save
People from themselves
Go out to the ghetto and help

Indiana jones was etched in
My veins aa a child
Swingin from lianas, tarzan
Out into the wild

As euro-americans
We think we can
Tell another
how to eat and sleep and think like you
Its so insulting
To believe our
Way of thinking
Is the only valid point of view

Its such a lie
To force another to adhere
Such a lie
Instead of love to rule by fear
Such a lie
To teach your children to interfere
Such a lie
To prey upon another’s
Tears of the grain
And tears of the earth
Tears inhumane
And tears
Written in from birth


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