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Make Love Not War

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

When ya got no bed to sleep in
Not even a bite to eat
Made a palace fit for a king
With boxes off the street

And we made love not war
In parliament square
Face those fascist fucking offices
Do it if you dare
To undermine authority
Right under their nose
We made love not war
In our cardboard pauper’s throne

Security came over
A-lookin for a fight
They’re jus doin their job tho
Told whst they do is right
We jus went to hug them
And help them be reborn
Got naked fornicated
All upon the law

Make love not war
In st. James’ park
Take it back to nature
Broad daylight or by dark
They’ll tell you it’s indecent
They’ll tell you that it’s wrong
But you just walk up to them
And let them in your thong

Got thrown outta tescos
For nickin what we can
Every penny that we’re makin
Is going to the man
Our little form of protest
And our natural right
Reclaim the land
And fornicate till light

So let’s all make love not war
In the turrets of the windsor
When they ask what you’re doing
Invite them to join in sir
To suffocate the monarchy
There’s no need for bombs
Just try some necrophilia
Bondage with strap-ons


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