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Moving Home

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

moving home
moving home
changing gears
not to be alone
and foreign words are not an obstacle
for we all speak in the same smiles
and leaving friends is not so painful
cuz they’ve all been settled for a while
its off and away
to a brand new day
to a bright new life
to a fresh new fight

ive found a place
nice and far away
vie had a taste
now im bound to stay
and being no one
will make for fun
ready to talk to
anyone and everyone
and I well know that
It’ll be tough
but thats the name of the game


im running away
never coming back
the great escape
split in the tracks
the healing process
is right on track
I was being hard
so I cut a little slack
and now whats left…

is a brand new day
a bright new way
Clean new sight
a fresh new fight
another crack at life


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