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Music Brings Us Together

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

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The boys round the back of the yard were a-playin guitar oh [x2]
So i asked myself what’s the diffrence tween me and them
That I should live in a castle and them in a den

The girl sleeping rough on the street keeps a funky beat now [x2]
So i tossed her a coin then got on with my day
But if we keep joggin on with our lives tell ya nothing will change!

Music brings us together
It translates into any tongue
Lets use it in our communities
Cuz everyone can sing and dance and strum

The oud player out in iraq layed a massive track down [x2]
So no language divide
Or inflated sense of pride
Can attack the undeniable fact of his wonderful sound

We’re seeing music used for
Corporate sponsorship
Of bitches guns and bling
But celebrity performers
Won’t mean a thing
If we all take to street corners
To busk and to sing

Like the boys…


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