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Nothing (St. Catherine’s)

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

You can find the Spanish version of the lyrics here
and a live performance in Montevideo on Soundcloud

There came a time when I’s fed up
I could no longer put up
With having to wake up to work
And so I decided to fuck off

Now I’ll away
The 9 to 5 game I no play
And routine not today
You know cuz all I wanna do
Is pull the plug out and escape

Shut up and listen!
What dya hear? Nuffin
And where dya hear nothing?
In the forest of St. Catherine’s

They came a time when my body
Began to make antibodies
Against the poisonous city
And then I realised I must flee

Now I go
The noise pollution is my foe
And nuclear wasteland’s a nono
You know cuz all I wanna know
Is meditation ’til I glow

Thats where I rest my wings
Amid the sands and the winds

I’ll no longer be sedate-d
By cocktail dream and hate
You’re convinced you know the way
I say that fantasy is age old
Now I’m gone
Refuse to be trampled on
What’s the point of trudgin on
Sucklin the breast of a system
That operates on feudal bonds

You care for
Noise noise noise noise noise noise noise
And oil oil oil oil oil oil oil
Slave slave slave slave slave slave away
Computer computer computer computer
You keep manufacturing a soulless empire
All of which I throw on the bonfire

And where is nothing heard?
Amongst the bees and the birds

la la laira la la la la laaa…

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