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Occupy Wins

By on Friday 13th September, 2013

Everyone made a name for themselves in the revolution
got a hashtag, a website, a radio show
they branded salvation with the latest photoshop logo
and then ran brand new companies by ethics 2.0

I became a full time poet
Cuz I waxed the right radical rap
In fact, I think I’m in the photo of that big rally
Where we toppled the capitalist top cat

We called it occupy-ism
How we differed from the previous money ways
And instead of third homes in the bahamas
We got comfy behind desks in NGOs

Fairtrade became the biggest franchise
Then organic gained three points on the exchange
I can’t remember whether GM-free or Carbon Neutral
But one of them became the latest teenage phase

As we aged quite ripe on our rockers
Wed reminisce on our battles with the police
As we filled in the last word on our crossword
We didn’t bat an eyelid when things went amiss

We’d hear talk the tranquility teams up north
Had pacified a youth uprising since
But we hashtag voted it was ok by the community
Because we read on the feeds they were fascist scum

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