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Ode to Vulnerability

By on Monday 22nd October, 2012

Here’s to vulnerability, to the meek, the sad and the sodden
Never should we have to hide what makes us animally human
Let’s dream of the day where we can look a stranger in the eye
And share not stunt our hopes and fears, learn to communally cry
Shout out loud “I really don’t know!” or whisper “is this okay?”
Admit we’re wrong and sing a fresh song of discovery every day
Speak not perfect sentences nor reply with gandhi quotes
End each meet with uncertainty instead of “that’s all folks!”
Reveal our deeper demons, itchy aches and hidden pains
Enter the room half naked, bleeding and knowingly trawling our chains
Spill our guts out openly, expose the niggly bits
Scrutinise insecurities, transcend “big dick” and “big tits”
Drop pretense and pretending, and not always settle for peace
Allow for renegotiation – for social anxiety to cease
Toss and turn in each others presence, wail in pain if needs be
And join in the chorus of desperate voices, struggling to swim in the sea
Try to catch ourselves when our instinct plays hide and seek
And accept we can’t always rhyme or be in time…
Here’s to vulnerability!

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