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On to Something

By on Wednesday 23rd November, 2011

never let ANYONE know
that you want them
never let ANYONE
see that you care

never presume you can
serf page and throne them
on a fleeting
flick of the hair

the sun and park benches of fairy tales
are but the poet clinging on
to altruistic fodder and faith
in a world where next minute you’re gone

so you purge and you cleanse
and you sit like bookends
till another streak of luck
should ensue
then let the vicious sickle
consume all that’s fickle
till the only remainder
is you

it’s a miserable race that don’t learn from mistakes
goes to battle with a gaping wound
believe in nine lives so you juggle with knives
till you’re constantly being exhumed

thought you were on to something
well hold up and STOP!
for theres nothing more biting
than presumption
blowing up in your face
without so much as a trace
and leaving you to
chew on old gumption

be shrewd if needs must
and bargain with lust
when they come
always barter the price
cuz nothings so bitter
as the runt of the litter
wallowing in self sacrifice

(and you can’t feel much shitter
than when someone much fitter
leaves ya to swallow the ice)

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