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On Traumas (Soul Icari)

By on Thursday 28th March, 2013

There are times your traumas are best kept quiet
Not gagged but calm at rest
There are times they must scream out at the top of your voice, naked in the middle of the street
There are times they need be spared for the care of a trusted friend
And there are times they are unavoidably activated by a lover’s ticklish touch or violent thrust

Though these aren’t stories for another-lover’s ears –
Sharing them, sure
Nurturing a nest of tenderness in which to tend to them
May help encourage their emergence from your woundwomb –
But when dawn gives way to dusk
They remain yours and yours alone
So behold them
Cherish them
The naked realities
Seeding in your heart
Stemming at your mouth
Blossoming in your mind’s eye

Suddenly summoned is the whirlwind of negative spirals
That have conspired with self-sabotaging voices over years
The cementing, retraumatisation, addiction, affliction
Affliction addiction
No wonder they hid for so long
No wonder you’ve fought so hard to conceal them
Because with them come unpaletable harsh truths
About what really makes you tick

Scintillating coins of clarity fall into place
But of course they were always there
Just unperceived, unaddressed
Unforgiven thus uncaressed
And now that they’re undressed
All they’ve been begging for all these years is
Respect, recognition, to be blessed

The floodgates open
And the ghosts of egos past
Pour out into the light
Blinded, cowering, retreating at first
Then slowly seeing the sun is their mum
And welcoming the feather lightness that comes
From her warm rays as she invites them to flight
Letting go of the earth on which they clung
And disappating, evaporating, melting
As they ascend towards the light
Soul Icari?

But really, really really
They stay right here
So the best test is to know them and name them without fear
For what is pain but carving caverns of potential pleasure yet to gain?
To say out loud
“This is who I am”
“These are my desires”
“These are my scars”
Is terrifying, true
But no it is not limiting
It’s empowering

Knowing where you’re working from
And what you want to work towards
You can figure out how better to get there

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