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On Words

By on Thursday 9th May, 2013

Shape me
Haunt me
Mould me
Taunt me
Obey me
Fail me
Define me
Dictate me
Discover me
Lose me
Cover me
Schmooz me
Love me
Labour me
Cuddle me
Colden me
Hostage me
Hold me
Chain me
Train me
Free me
Frame me
Fickle me
Fame me
Fool me

We speak
In tightropes
Ready to achieve the incredible
Or snap
Depending on the wind
Balance this way and that
Tap tap
Dance around each others heads
Stimulating and grating
Feverish co-creating
The illusion of getting somewhere
Despite undercurrents of streams leading nowhere

Charm a pretty dress, dress it up out of thin air
While the hairy hearts pulsing in the depths are bare
Roar like a muffled bear
Prone to tear
Sit and stare

Too much care is taken
Tip-toeing around glass shards
When the wounds could help us
Bleed, rest, heal, regenerate
N reconsider new paths to mars

Alien sounds
Enter my ears
My brain compounds
Refuses refuse
Voice vehicles
Pretentious pretenders
Meaning borrowers n lenders
Truth benders
Sexy slender neat
Momentary treat
Verbal feasty feat
Point inflation
Make-up manipulation
Endless frustration

Missed the station
Hurtling away at lightspeed
I refuse to let you imprison me
Before I get to sleep
Mental patterns go beyond
Addicted overfond
Of the habit of words
The desperation of words
The dependency on words
Cell tissue turds
For lesser nerds
Whey n curds
Fly away bird
End on something

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