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By on Monday 21st November, 2011

The paradox of age
The wisdom that you gain
You tend to negate
With self righteousness

The less you rely on faith
The more you trust your trade
The less your need for aid
The more you lose your friendliness

That’s why I’m a
I’m a naïve pilgrim,
and I’m a mystified monk,
Learn to learn, think to see,
Don’t wanna end up a hillbilly!
Now, do ya!?

The paradox of youth
Always yearning for the truth
With no hope to be found
In such ruthlessness

You think you know it all
An’ only seconds before you fall
You realize you’re wrong
Plunge into th’abyss


They call me
The naïve pilgrim,
and the mystified monk,
For I’ve learnt it all, I think I see,
Now I’ve ended up a hillbilly!

I do know one thing though,
Learning ne-e-ever ends

The paradox today
Always living for tomorrow
Let here and now just fade
Into nothingness


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