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Philosophical Doubt

By on Friday 14th September, 2012

Water, life, trees,
Human constructs teeming out of valleys,
Market corridoors, people running on all fours
Between veils of spices, jewels in arched doors,
Every colour, smell and sensation known to man
Is emerging out of crevices and on the face of that woman.
You can do anything in Israel they say,
Zion, lobby, conflict, terror, war not today,
Cause we are in the heart and house of pulsating time,
Perhaps the oldest altar of the human mind.
I’m filled with philosophical doubt,
Reduced to the inner child of a lager lout
My Brazil cap, overwhelmed look and tourist shorts
Are no protection from this city of primal force,
An old bangle, silverware or crockery with ‘Shabbat’,
Opposite a palestinian occupation history map,
Normalize that! On a platter with kebab,
Sold by a chain-smoking iPhone niqab,
Tricked into a tab they see Sheikles dripping from my nose
I was tricked by academic “good and evil” prose,
Who knows!? I’m predisposed to filter out the unknown,
Mind closed by archetypes sold to me by agenda tomes
I never chose, must trust my nose,
When danger is but a stones throw away,
My mind has been blown this day, out and about,
And all I’m left with is…¬†Philosophical doubt.

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