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Psychic Sex

By on Saturday 19th May, 2012

had psychic sex today
in our drugged up state we lay
eyes half open, shallow breathing,
that is, at first, at least.

it was a sensual feast
of colours and gyration
as the realm of imagination
superimposed on this dimension

infected with this make believe
we pretended we were asleep
to each others bodies
though the other’s awareness was betrayed
by unrepressable waves of nervous gulping

the line between doing and daydreaming
has never been so blurred
as I clutched a hallucinatory crotch
undeterred by the fact
that we dont happen to communicate much
by daylight
least connected in our social group
for no particular reason

in our drugged up state we lay
no limit to the intense heat
as we wriggled duvets
and sheets into place
to create a comfort breeding state

on earth, legs entwined
while penetrations thrust in minds
we slowly arched our bodies
to form rocks sheltering
our own private
oasis of sensation
declared a sovereign nation
to deter the weaker, left out creatures
sprawled on either side
desperate to be involved
for this moment magnetised

so for a fleeting eternity
our astral projections
moaned and writhed
sweated and steamed
heaved and pressed
explored territory forbidden to the flesh

the web of social taboos, complexes of respect,
and categories of sexualities were swept
as pure heat, hunger and present-ness confide

a labyrinth of symbols and signs
a language of subtle undetectable touches
epic poems flowing from finger stokes
caressing holographic skin though fully clothed
played games of cowboys and indians
dumb and blind with our hands
on his belly with no eyes
x-rayed nude

most vividly neither of us could intrude.
it was silently consensual
implicitly reverential
raw and existential
honest, non pretential

slow, soft and precise
while thoughts ran marathons wild
I was reverted to the state of a child,
who needs no excuse or explanation
no prelude or preface
no announcement, obtuse, of intention

just does, is, bes, feels
do with it what you will



he awkwardly awoke to go to the loo
the moment he came in my mind.

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