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Rain on the Diamond Jubilee

By on Sunday 3rd June, 2012

Scrappy recording at the train station in the rain:

This place we call “England” has many virtues
Like folk songs, pagan sex and the apple tree
But when I think of all her vices, I daresay it suffices
To mention the bloody monarchy

I don’t see how we can be democratic
Even to keep the Queen symbolically
Because amidst all the ghosts up in her attic
Are feudalism and worldwide slavery

It’s raining, It’s pouring
The country is snoring
Dreaming of Knights, Dragons and the Queen
Let’s hope for nationalistic weather
For biggest benefit scrounger
Let it rain down on the diamond jubilee

Sure, she’s an important diplomatic figure
Her charms can save us from the credit crunch
She’ll find new oil reserves to dip her finger in
By having commonwealth dictators round to lunch

But every year she brings 60 million tourists
Who feed the country money instead of food
But half of Japan would come, they couldn’t resist
If we nailed her to her throne all in the nude


She’s a Christian role model for us all
Especially for a youth that’s so deprived
But what can she teach a hoodie about morals
It she hasn’t done a days work in her life!?

She freely gives to 600 or more charities
Even though they’re mostly stray dog homes
But at £60 mil a year just to maintain her
I’d rather sell her 7 billion pound home


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