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By on Wednesday 7th December, 2016

For Siobhan Knox.

As shafts of sun dance on your arm
You cuddle me as your duvet
I think:
I know you
I know you
I know you but I don’t

You shimmer
In a now-you-know-me-now-you-don’t ritual
Part-time enigma I never want to crack
That melody infinitely familiar as it tumbles and trembles into each new moments passage
Every day folding new mysteries in space time

Stay fresh
Ever evolving
Finding new strings to your bow
I vow I’ll hone mine

Friend lover soulmate preferred pillow weeping willow fluff monster beheader spirit-polish
And all the galaxies in between

The constellations in which we position our two selves in relation to others
Making them our mother star
Erotic moon
Comet muse
Or rabbit-hole wormhole

I love
Knowing your continents of flesh
But keeping mysterious your oceans of emotion
A sacred subconscious
Inhabited by deep sea species
Undiscovered even by you

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