Wolf and the Owl
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By on Wednesday 23rd November, 2011

I saw him come
with an axe!
Hence to the beast,
Stopped dead in his tracks…
…and HACK!
with one in-hesitant swing
off with its head,
the serpent wriggling
yet indisputably dead.

For a moment,
you could see the boy’s eyes glaze,
then all of a sudden
he was overcome
by a revulsion-bred-craze!
“What have I done!?”
his thoughts shouted out,
“I have killed one.”
and he turned to the clouds
for confessional,
under the eyes of the sun
there was nought to be said,
the deed done,
but dispose of the remains,
with fire and fuel
he burned the head
like an ancient ritual

then, rather more sober,
with a twig in his hands,
he lifted the tail
out of the sand,
and off into the heat
he went.
he needn’t
just a natural phase
in this dog-eat-dog place.
We make our way through the maze…

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