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Sod the Cynic Clinic

By on Thursday 13th February, 2014

I was always the one saying “we’re all so disconnected
Nobody looks you in the eye – like the cold gene has infected!”
Till I stumbled onto that train one day and felt the mood was right
And said “I choose hope not fear” and began to spread the light

Two stops droned on by and I could see our hands were paused
Whether to get lost in our iPods or believe in a greater cause
I take no credit for genius – I claim no moral high ground
But it happened to be my lips that quivered that sigh releasing sound

“Why don’t we all just chat?” I exclaimed
Sheepishly at first
But once the bottle’d been opened I dived in head first
“I know it’s scary and maybe even dangerous and safer to do for a white man
By why don’t we introduce ourselves to the people next to us if we can.”

After a moment of deep hesitation
That would tell if my spell cast or flopped
The Caribbean grandfather asked the hipster his name and my jaw just dropped
Angry birds girl got tired of tapping and told scribbling poet about her degree
And Waitrose and Lidl the mum and the dad shoppers giggled over something with glee

Within moments travellers further down the carriage migrated to spectate
But quickly realised you had to participate to integrate once you migrate
Ripples of giggles and roars of laughter cocktailed with moans and  groans
While some were bewitched and others just bitched
Like flies were a-droppin’ head phones

It was like a slow motion ending as people dribbled off their stops in farewell
And by the time the end of the line was approaching a Chinese exchange student could tell
Something special had happened on that carriage for a switch had magically clicked
And energy remained reverberating off the walls as the spacetime twitched

Now the truth of the matter is when that was my platter I sat writing this poem instead
But though it’s a daydream that alone does not mean the hope it can happen is dead
So lets ask ourselves, what would I do if the opportunity came along?
And more importantly will I try it myself before the moment is gone?

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