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Stokey Morning

By on Monday 21st November, 2011

Dad thinks he’s
back in 1373,
When on sundays the landlord
must make a new decree:
“The people of britain
shall no longer” says he,
“Purchase milk by the pint
for the sake of society,
There’s too much consumer packaging,
and there’ll be no less than 4% fat,
So as to thicken their hides,
blah blah blah” this and that…
“The world is turning to shit!”
he cried and with that he sat
Right back down on the sofa,
hiding a hangover under his hat.

Cycle across the park,
See a kid fall off a scooter,
Where another would winge till dark
She just grabbed her bleeding shoulder
And uttered a good ol’ “BEEP!”
They don’t make them like they used tah
Round here no more…

Get in at 5 am, it’s dawning,
The green chinese historian is yawning,
I may not be tipsy but my, my head is still soaring,
On this wonderful stokey morning

“Maybe tennis weren’t such
a great idea” I exclaimed,
And he turned round to look at me
with a searing headache,
Moments later: “we can’t
play for shit!” I complained,
So we cracked a few gags
and teamed up with the neighbors,
Tis pure convenience we were
being thrown off the court,
So we played a spot of doubles,
our idea of community support,
Till we got them thrown off too…
woopsy daisy, boo hoo!
Mate sometimes you gotta mingle to
stop it from feelin’ like you’re in a zoo,
Show some solidarity,
“And you can do it too!
Just call 0900
triple 6 triple 2,
We’ll give special online discount
and deliver to your door…
Hey, where’s the love?
why dya hang up for!?”
Cause we’re fed up of people
feeling locally insecure,
Walking down the street like
there’s a Third World War.

I’d give making sense a try,
But the sun’s getting way too high,
Waterfall… grass… down I lie,
And the heat gives my brains a fry,
Here’s to Stoke Newington aiyanai!


whistle whistle whistle

mmm it’s dawning
mmm we’re yawning
mmm my head is soaring
on this wonderful stokey morning

ad-lib till the end…


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maintain this philosophy

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