Wolf and the Owl
Poetry, Lyrics, Translations
and Musings by Alex Etchart

Support My Work

While I do take paid work in order to eat, I spend most of my time volunteering for community projects, doing direct action and making music for environmental and anti-racist / migrant rights campaigns. All my International Theatre Reportage work – giving voice to the voiceless living war, occupation, oppression, great poverty and exile – is done on a voluntary basis.

I have been squatting disused inner-city buildings in London and farms/fields in the Forest of Dean for the last three years and have recently found a comfy sofa to surf on. I generally recycle food out of supermarket bins and hitch-hike whenever I can.

If you are able to donate, it would make it easier for me to spend more time doing direct action and making music for the movements I am involved in – keep me on the front line.

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