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Tell My Fortune

By on Saturday 19th May, 2012

Im sure I saw a sparkle im your eye
When you left here
Was it just an innocent goodbye?
Im sure I caught a waft of desire
As those timeless words fell from your tender tongue

You cleft my heartstrings
As you played them so gently with your harpists’ hands
I’m too numb to understand
You left me standing here wondering if we dare to say it’s men in love
Or simply love between two men

So tell my fortune
Does he like me or not
Cause I don’t wanna ruin good friendship
When my lustin’ eyes wont stop
Tell my fortune
Swing he this way or no?
Cause we could be so perfect
If only I could know
Which way you go

It seems to be that every time we meet
The other’s taken or being swept off of his feet
On opposite ends when we cross paths
Boy if were your earth then you’d be my mars
The alignment of the stars refuse to yield an answer
As do tarot cards, must it be so hard?
So read my palm and while your at it grasp me tightly
In your arms, heed no qualms

Oh Tell my fortune…

So fuck the fortune I went ahead and asked
And boy or girl stopped making sense as we tumbled in the grass
All else lost importance as we sat beneath the tree
With body parts gyrating so intimately

And it feels so good

Oh tell my fortune…

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