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The 29 Bus Song

By on Wednesday 23rd November, 2011

Recording: http://soundcloud.com/altheowl/the-29-bus-song-demo,
Filming the music video for it on June 27th 2012,
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Well the 29 bus is 24 hour
And the heart of community
From the turkish ghettos in turnpike lane
To the clubs on oxford street

And people go to work on it
Each and every day
I woulda lived out in the styx
If id know I’d have to pay

It goes from tourist trafalgar square
To the middle o nowhere wood green
And its a buisy bumpy bendy bus
So you jump on for free

And people from every background
Gender, class and race
Share that multicultural,
Friendly bonding place!


Oh boris dont you take our bus away
Cuz nobody who votes for you rides it anyway
Its a form of transport that relies on trust
Those who can afford to pay or fare-dodge if they must


Oh the 29 may be the bus of crime
But i been riding safely on you all my life
Cuz it goes night and day and you don’t have to pay
So let’s huddle up like penguins on the 29


Well I’ve seen just about everything
On that dirty old red thing
From smoking spliffs to gang politics
To getting everyone to sing

And because its an anarchicistic
Independent state
Them boys that are a-bottling
The bloke who was pissin at the back self-regulate

Well its the 29 bus where I first made love
And where I first got mugged
Its the 29 bus where I buy my drugs
Where I pass out when I’m drunk

And for every open mic I’ve played
I’ve done another gig on that bus
Or danced and played the tamborine
To help a drunk tramp to busk


So mr mayor please dont take our ride
I need to know it’ll take me home at the end of a crazy night
And just you watch you muppet come Saturday
The double decker you’re replacin’ it with will be empty anyway



When I think of all the mates I’ve made
And the loons who’ve kept me entertained
We use that bus as a meeting place
All among my friends

All those times we danced around
Twirled a stranger to an unknown sound
The lovers that we’ve lost and found
We thought it’d never end

Well the fines I woulda had to pay
Woulda cost me more I guess
But instead they slap me on the wrist
When I gave no fixed address

So I urge you brothers and sisters
When the double deckers come
Sod the brave conductor
Open the back door and jump on!


So Mr Mayor it would be a crime
To take away from the homeless
a place to crash till the end of the line
And if you’re after profit then here’s my tip for you
Why not charge the limozines every time they’re used



Well no one said it was perfect
Don’t mean it’s gotta go
Just so you can make a quick buck
And keep the crime rates low

So let’s propose a toast to the bus
That revived our community
Got us talking to our neighbours
It’ll always be with us!


Well Boris even if you get your way
The spirit of the 29 is here to stay
Just remember when the double decker’s come
Don’t pay for it, share your beer and speak to everyone!


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