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The Right to Live in Peace

By on Tuesday 20th March, 2012

Translated from “El Derecho de Vivir en Paz” by Victor Jara

The divine right to live,
Lest the terrorists we must forgive
For defending Iraq’s cities,
A message for humanity
That no missile can erase
A culture off this earth’s face,
The divine right to live in peace,

Ah Iraq is yonder place
That houses an ancient race,
Where they’re tearing up the soil,
Trading genocide for the price of oil,
The moon is a cloud of dust
Shrouding chaos from dawn ’till dusk,
The divine right to live in peace.

Oh my brothers, our song
Is fire, love, passion,
It’s a lone dove from the flock,
A flower sprung from rock,
It’s the universal chant,
A call for disarmament,
For the divine right to live,
The divine right to live,
The divine right to live in peace.

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