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They Came Down the Hill

By on Tuesday 22nd November, 2011

Dedicated to all those who fought at Dale Farm and those
who continue fighting in the Travellers’ Solidarity Network
Hear a live recording with vocal impro on Soundcloud


Old bride said to me
We’ve been there before
For centuries old leaders
Have long been at war
With us gypsies and travellers
Who refuse to conform
To their houses and taxes
And their feudal laws

The neighbours and polocemen
Call us pikeys and thieves
Moonlighters tax dodgers who do what they please
What the MPs are scared of is community
How our kids and our family roam the streets wild and free

They came down the hill on that october morn
With riot shields and tazers they pierced the dawn
As they cut through our fences, streets and our walls
They scared our kids, our grandmas and all

Our brothers and sisters who got in harms way
The activists held them a night them a night and a day
Through torture and trauma the lock ons they lay
We fought side by side to keep bailiffs at the gate

That evening in triumph and sorrow we agreed
For travellers and supporters to march with dignity
We may lay in rubble but not in defeat
For we grow stronger the more allies we meet
(to be continued…)


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