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War Glitter

By on Sunday 16th February, 2014

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You wonder why I look so sparkly
You wonder why I look so fine
Well when I’m smashing in your Topshop window
I wanna be glittered to the nines

They call us the Anarko Hipsters
And we even got our own colour zine
While I photoshoot for fit team cameras
I do it in my stolen Adidas sheen

War glitter…

You know I wanna look real sexy
When I punch in a riot police head
I been doing so much queer quong foo now
I’m so zen that I’ll look pretty when I’m dead

When I take my crowbar out my backpack
You’re dazzled by a fitter glitter cloud
Cuz the 21st century black block
Is gonna shower glitter all over the crowd

War glitter…

I even use glitter when I’m baking
A vegan birthday cake with soya cream
It not be nutritious for the gak fiends
But isn’t shitting glitter the dream?

War glitter…

Wanna shower you with glitter
Wanna shower you with glitter

When we set the skyscraper on fire
We’ll do it with a super glitter bang
And our barricades become so twinkly
They’re even bringing in a a fitter glitter ban

War glitter…

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