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We Made Love Once

By on Sunday 3rd February, 2013

We made love once
And it was all wrong
Nothing fit in the right places
Or everything fit in the wrong places

We made love twice
And it was all right
The stars aligned a sudden
Supernova in that space

We made love thrice
And there was no right nor wrong
Just fear and doubt
That it would not be what it had been

We never made love a fourth time
That is,
Depending on what we mean by ‘making love’

We started making love again,
This time with no sheets
No bed, no steam nor sweat
Or phalluses nor yonis nor ejaculation

We started making love in everyday conversation
Through eyes and smiles and fingers and frowns

We started making love
In trees, park benches, on bikes, in the supermarket queue
Among friends, in crowds, over the phone, or through zeros and ones

We started
Making, co-creating, developing, dedicating, feeling and forgiving love
Making songs, poems, dreams, totems, talk and towers of love
Making … love
Make as in to create, not to kill, end or ejaculate!
Love as in wholesome holy acceptance, see!? not possessive acquisitive expectancy!

We would sit on top of a hill and craft beautious butterflies of love energy
And set them free to share and spread the love far and wide

We started making love
Among people, at people, for people, with people, in people
Among, at, for, with, in
Animals, creatures, plants, grass, seeds, natures, cultures
Everyone and everything all around us

It’s like… we started making love and we

We started

And now,
I guess,
We just

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