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Where it all Began

By on Friday 14th September, 2012

So this is the place it all began, so they say
Ancient olive trees and a golden valley
But the advertising billboard gives it away
As a cheap pseudo-spiritual packaged holiday

Everyone wants to control history
Veil it in their tribal mystery
So they rename road signs
And build walls along laylines
In their own language and script
Connected to scriptured crypts

That idly sit beneath the tourist’s cameraphone thumb
Quick trip click flash and bang its done
20 more Sheikles for a postcard is paid
To the corner stall whose only god is money these days

It’s easy to see why humanity is on trial
For endless wars over a land so central and fertile
But what good is perfect weather if you drain all the water
And bomb the ground dead in the name of godlike thoughts, uh?

And who’s gonna use a trade route or ship overseas
If you’re humiliated by checkpoints incessantly
The days of geographical importance have gone
And left behind a global struggle for politi-kingdom

Its strange to be in the land of bedtime stories
Celtic and Norse mothers read to their babies
See we’re all occupied, the palestinians land and body
The israelis of the mind and european’s history

One thing’s clear to me, this is Arab land
Whether in the name of Christ, Judaism or Islam
But these semantics mean nothing to the corporate hand
So we’re all being exploited for our religion and blood by the man

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