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Who’s Going to Sing?

By on Tuesday 20th March, 2012

Translated from the original ‘¿Quien Va a Cantar?’ by Ruben ‘El Negro’ Rada


When all of our poetry is lost
When people work just to survive
When laughter and enjoyment is the cost
We become but robots on a factory line

And if they globalise our thinking
Without the power of fantasy
Then every book would read the same thing
The music of the world would have no place to be
So please tell me…

Who’s going to sing? Who’s going to dream?
Who’s going to play those sweet love songs on violin?
Who’s going to sing? Who’s going to dream?
Who’s going to make sure music makers do their thing?

When someone represents the people
And every town has democracy
When distribution is more equal
We will have a planet with identity

If love is made important
There’ll be no case for the war on the east
If xenophobia has no parents
I can then feel proud of humanity
Tell me…

Who’s going to…


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