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By on Wednesday 23rd November, 2011

Big tall grey apartment block
Hangs over a city of nothing much,
Little old lady lives in a box,
cleans… all… day.

She cleans fat men’s underwear,
She irons the shirt he never wears,
She cleans just about everywhere,
Then she cleans the next house along.

Gets home around 11 o’clock,
And there in her apartment block,
To the 10th floor pitstop
She goes.

She rattles up in the lift,
Hobbles over to sit,
On a stool with other lit-
-tle old ladies.

They all form a cue,
By the window, askew,
Waiting for the two
Golden minutes of opportu-
-nity, to lean out the
Clandestine window-for-one
And drag on a midnight fag.

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