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Wounded Warriors (Part One)

By on Thursday 12th June, 2014

When you held my hand to your chest
As I cried that my lover had left me
For the woman I set him up with
In the hope that between the two of us he’d be satisfied
And you told me to stick to “one golden one” from now on
I said “No”.

Despite my heart ache and sick soul
I said “No”.

Just because he didn’t know what he wanted
And in his ignorance caused me pain
Doesn’t mean I’ll treat all those who would break
From the tyranny of two with disdain

I have no quarrel with those who’d search for love
In a single pedestalled angel
Squander their days in a dreamy haze
Getting lost in each others eyes

But I reserve my right to continue the fight
Of believing there can be more
Than two genital interactions at a time
Respectfully – not at war
And why should moans and sweat and cum
Determine for some
Who they love, who’s a friend, who they hate?
And why can’t I love your every essence
Without being forced to fornicate

But here’s the catch

If we’ve spent thousands of years
Possessive, obsessive, patriarchal, competitive and afraid
Do you really believe in one or two generations
We can effortlessly reconfigure how we behave?

We are the Wounded Warriors
Suffering the heart aches of love triangles
Exploring new territory with communication and consent
Finding out what gives us pleasure what makes our backs more bent
Making the mistakes, exploding the test tubes
So that our children’s children’s children can
De-sexualise, re-sexualise with new non-judgemental eyes
Forge new pathways we never thought of
Redefine the words ‘friendship’ and ‘love’ and ‘sex’
And that’s their job, not yours or mine
But between us and them there’s only time
Perseverance, hard work, but it’ll take time
My son, it’ll take time

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