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You Gave Therefore I Am

By on Wednesday 26th December, 2012

I am your flesh
I am the aubergine you cooked
I am the bedtime kisses and stories you blessed
I am the traumas you suffered and their learnings
I am the worldwise creature you sought me to be
I am the music you ordained
The poet you nurtured, and maimed
For I am not perfect, nor you
Nor my upbringing nor my sonhood too
But if the mothership had not at times broken down
I would never have learned to build things up from the ground

I exist because you subsist
Forget philosophers and their fundamental truths
Socrates, Descartes, Wittgenstein and Marx
All those male dominated self-indulgent privileged chalk marks
Can tell us nothing about where we come from compared to
The womb, the spoon and the cleaning of the wound
What about Plato’s mum!? Pericitone in her wisdom
Taught to never oppose your parents however antiquated or wrong
Just lovingly show them what youthful change is to due to come

See, I am your determination to get things right
To resolve conflict or when necessary to fight!
So before I criticise it would be wise to realise
I have not the right
To nit-pick holes in all you do or say
Until I give back every single day
To the light-bringer, the undeniable truth,
The start, the source, conclusive proof
The ontology, singularity, origin, one
That… is you, Mum.

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